Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thanksgiving in Prince George

It seems to be a bit of a tradition that our family goes up to Prince George for Thanksgiving. We've been up there 3 out of the 4 thanksgivings that we have had since we were married, and what a great occasion to make it up north to see my family and to also get a great turkey dinner!!

So, this year we stayed with my sister Laura and her family. They have a great big house and probably the best food I have ever eaten...I would compare staying at their place to an 8 star jokes! They have a tanning bed, a hot tub, a jacuzzi tub, big screen T.V's in almost every room...seriously, we were living big for 9 days! Not only was there nothing to complain about, but they were so absolutely generous to our family. Thomas and I got to go out on a date, they helped tons with the baby, cooked for us day and night, and even helped us work out all the details with our broken down car! We can't thank them enough for their great hospitality!The stay was great, and the weather was wonderful. It is so nice to be in British Columbia when it is autumn. Beautiful colours and sooo many trees!! You can't ask for much more than that. So because of the great weather, we took advantage of it and got some family pictures taken. Pam took us to Fort George Park and we took about 200, and only a few worked out because our little baby Summer couldn't keep her attention focused! But that's ok, we still love her like crazy! And I think we got a few good ones!
So yes, the trip was for that great Thanksgiving feast, but we also did a lot of fun things as a family while we were on our little vacation. We took Summer to the pool with her auntie Pam and uncle Antonio and a bunch of her cousins, and she loved it! She loved it so much in fact that we went twice! Prince George's pool is totally rad...they have this lazy river and I sat at one end and Thomas sat at the other and we just Sum float to one of was so fun.
Besides the pool, we also went and visited a lot of family. It was nice to have the time to go and make our stops and see everyone...except my brother Curtis...we wish we would have gotten in a visit! We also had a few T.V nights where we all got together and watched Survivor, Greys Anatomy and Modern Family...gotta love T.V! We had a poker game, and a hot tub party with Brandon and Cheyenne, had a girls golfing outing, and me and Cheyenne went on the razar too. She nearly killed me, but luckily I survived to be a mom to my kid for one more day! Ha ha...she is actually a great driver! There were so many fun things that we did this trip out... I just love my family, and I wish so badly that we lived closer to them!
Now for the big turkey dinner! Mmmm mmmm mmm! My sister Stacey is such a GREAT cook/baker. She put on a huge dinner for 40 people all by herself! The food was worth the 12 hour drive it took us to get to P.G! We had a great time and hearing everyone tell what they were thankful for that day was the best part. Our tradition in my family is to have 3 uncooked kidney beans on your plate, and before you eat your dinner you have to say 3 things that you are thankful for...if you can't come up with anything, then those 3 beans are your dinner! It was hilarious too cuz Cindy seemed to have paid off the neices and nephews into saying that they were grateful for her...I got a couple on my side though! ha ha!
Well, we were super sad to leave! It was such a great trip, and we really can't wait to go again soon! Miss you all up there, and thanks again for the great visit!! Love ya!


Lacey said...

I lvoe that you guys were able to make it home for thanksgiving. Christmas is such a crazy time of yer and not great for travel so fall makes me less nervous to have you on the road. (I sound like I'm your mother, ha ha.) Anyways sounds like you had a blast and your pictures look great, deffinatly wall worthy! I know you will try to fight me but I just want to say that you are looking great! I love the dark hair and your cute little body. You really have a beautiful famliy! love.

lynz said...

awww - summer is so stinkin cute in that floaty thing! beckam loves swimming, and i think it's so much more fun when you have kids :) sounds like a fun thanksgiving to me!

Kinsey said...

How am I just finding out that you have a blog now!!! Dus and I were snooping on Lynz, when he said- "thanksgiving in Prince George...? Who's that?" And it's YOU! How exciting! I'll be adding you to my faves so I can blog-stalk you. Great pictures Char-Lane! You have a beautiful family- and you are drop dead gorgeous (as usual)! Take care!