Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Santa Claus Parade

This year, as every year before, there was the Santa Claus parade in Fort Macleod. As per usual, the weather was chilly, but not as windy as I have seen in other years. It was actually a nice, sunny day and we got a great spot at the front so that we could be done sooner!!
We bundled the kids up and set up shop for the hour or so that it took. We got some GREAT hot chocolate, and settled in for the show to start.
This year it seemed to be all about dogs. Well at least that is what I thought was the coolest part. I got some great photos of them!!

And the bands were great too. Totally brave if you ask me! They must have been freezing their butts off!

The best part of all was spending time together. We are just so excited for the Christmas season to be here and for Summer to have her first Christmas. I know this is a tradition that we will definitely keep up!


CLAY and ERICA said...

nuh uh! you guys were here for the parade?!?! what??? well cool other than we didnt see you. we were opposite side of the post office which was right near the front too. I cant believe we didnt know you guys were there. bummer. it was pretty neat though hey!! This is my very first christmas season in canada!

lynz said...

awww! sum looks so cute all bundled up and yay for making new traditions with our little families :) so much fun!

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